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Stucco Repair Cost (2024 Guide)

Typical cost range: $8–$50 per square foot

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Author Image Written by Brenda Woods Updated 02/06/2024

Stucco is a beautiful siding option that can last over 50 years when well-maintained but is vulnerable to cracks over time. Small stucco repairs cost $8–$20 per square foot, while larger repairs are around $50 per square foot.* For a 1,500-square-foot home, expect small- to medium-sized repairs to cost around $21,000 and large repairs to cost around $75,000.

In this article, we’ll cover stucco repair’s biggest cost factors and the pros and cons of attempting a do-it-yourself (DIY) fix.

*Unless otherwise indicated, all cost data is from Angi, Fixr, HomeAdvisor, and The Home Depot.

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vinyl siding
Siding Repair

On average, you can expect to pay $2–$4 per square foot for siding repairs.

The worker makes painting of the facade of the wooden frame house after installation of windows. Construction worker thermally insulating eco wooden frame house with wood fiber plates
Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl siding installation costs range from $2.15–$5.25 per square foot.

Painting the exterior of a house
Exterior Painting

Typically, exterior painting costs anywhere from $1–$4 per square foot.


Major Stucco Repair Cost Factors

The cost of stucco repair mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Materials: The type of stucco you’re repairing, finishing materials, and paint all add to your total. Stucco also requires additional materials for effective installation, such as a vapor barrier for moisture protection and a metal lath to attach the stucco to the building.
  • Labor: You may be able to tackle minor stucco repairs yourself, but you’ll need to hire a professional for complex repair jobs. Some contractors charge per square foot, while others charge per hour. Expect 25% of your total price for the project to go toward labor.
  • Repair type: Small repairs cost less than large ones. You may require additional services, such as mold remediation, depending on the damage.


You’ll need to pay for the stucco itself and other necessary materials for installation, such as a vapor barrier and metal lath. If you choose to repair stucco yourself, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Drywall hawk
  • Drywall knife
  • Flat trowel
  • Rubber grout float
  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Wire brush

Cost of Materials

Here’s an overview of the materials you’ll need, plus their average costs:

Stucco MaterialsTotal Cost

DIY repair tools


Finishing materials





$0.05–$0.50 per square foot

Vapor barrier and metal lath



Labor costs depend on the damage’s extent, the job’s complexity, and whether the contractor charges per square foot or hour. Professional repair costs an average of $60–$120 per square foot, while hourly rates can be $40–$50.

Type of Repair

Total stucco repair costs depend on the problem’s severity and underlying issues. Repairing small cracks, patching holes, and caulking can all be done on your own if the damage is minimal. Complex problems such as water damage and mold remediation are more expensive to fix, but repairing them early will prevent more expensive issues down the line. You should consult a professional for severe problems, such as substantial holes, large cracks, or cracks that keep returning after repair. 

Cost by Repair Type

We’ve compiled common stucco repairs and their average costs in the table below. Not all damage requires repairing all of your stucco siding, so the total cost for a 1,500-square-foot home may seem high.

Stucco MaterialsTotal Cost

DIY repair tools


Finishing materials





$0.05–$0.50 per square foot

Vapor barrier and metal lath



You can fix discoloration with power washing or replacement for $1–$5 per square foot, but it can be a sign of water damage or mold, which may warrant further inspection. 


Caulking around doors and windows prevents water damage. Homeowners can easily complete this project themselves for the price of the caulk and a caulking gun, totaling around $30. Professional caulking averages $3.25 per linear foot.

Crack Repair

You can buy a DIY repair kit to seal cracks for around $30. Professionals charge $8–$20 per square foot. Cracks are simple fixes, but recurring cracks indicate deeper structural issues.

Stucco Removal and Replacement

Simply removing and replacing your stucco costs $3–$6 per square foot. However, this doesn’t account for the price to fix any underlying issues, so you may need to factor in other repair costs from this list.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation prices vary depending on damage severity, but you can expect to pay $10–$25 per square foot.

Stucco Patching

Small stucco patching jobs cost $8 per square foot. More extensive damage requires removing old stucco and installing new stucco, which costs as much as $50 per square foot.  

Water Damage Repair

Water damage can affect large areas and require costly repairs. Water behind exterior walls implies sealant failure or cracked and damaged stucco. Water damage repair costs $30–$50 per square foot.

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DIY vs. Professional Stucco Repair

You can complete some stucco repairs as a DIY home improvement project, but complicated or extensive work requires professional help. Consider the scope of damage and your technical know-how, time constraints, and budget before deciding which option is best for your stucco repair project.


Fixing small stucco cracks yourself is feasible if you can afford tools and materials. Tools will cost $125–$175, and traditional stucco will cost $5–$10 per 100 square feet. Cement contains alkalis, an ionic salt that can burn your hands when wet, so wear protective gear. 

Below is a high-level look at how to repair your own stucco. Read our full stucco repair guide for more information. 

  1. Break off loose stucco
  2. Chip away at stucco edges
  3. Cover any exposed lath
  4. Add mesh
  5. Mix the stucco
  6. Apply the stucco
  7. Scratch the stucco 
  8. Add another layer 
  9. Apply the finish coat

Most stucco repair jobs are simple enough to tackle yourself—especially caulking and crack and patch repair—unless there’s underlying water damage or mold. In that case, you must seek professional help.


A stucco repair contractor will inspect your home before providing a quote. Rates usually fall between $60–$120 per square foot, while hourly rates can be $40–$50. Though you’ll pay more to hire a pro for your project, you’ll save money long-term and help prevent future repairs. Here are the top benefits of hiring a pro: 

  • Peace of mind: Professionals guarantee their work with warranties.
  • Cost efficiency: Hiring a reputable pro ensures the job is done right, so you won’t have to pay for future repairs due to faulty installation.
  • Time efficiency: A pro has the knowledge and experience to finish the job quickly. 
  • Permits and licensing: Reputable contractors have licenses and can obtain any necessary permits for the job.

How To Save on Stucco Repair

Here are some ways to save on stucco repair, even if you need to hire a pro:

  • Bundle stucco repair with other home projects, such as new siding, insulation, or exterior painting
  • Research pricing and compare rates of reputable local contractors to find the right balance of affordability and quality.
  • Be proactive and fix stucco damage early to minimize costs.

Additional Stucco Repair Cost Factors

The following factors can also impact your stucco repair cost:

  • Inspection: Stucco inspection costs $100–$500 and is important to determine damage severity.
  • Existing stucco removal: Existing stucco needs removal if there’s extensive damage. According to Remodeling Calculator, removal and disposal averages $450–$600.
  • Stucco location: A taller home increases labor costs because working from a higher height is more dangerous. Prices vary depending on contractor rates.
  • Synthetic versus traditional stucco repair: Traditional stucco costs 5–10 cents per square foot. Synthetic stucco, also known as EIFS, costs about four times as much at 25–50 cents per square foot. You can consult a professional if you’re unsure whether you have synthetic or traditional stucco. Synthetic stucco typically sounds hollow when you knock on it, while traditional stucco sounds solid, like brick.

How To Hire a Pro

Use the following tips when searching for a quality stucco repair professional:

  • Research contractors with industry experience and positive customer reviews on sites like the Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, and Yelp. 
  • Request a portfolio to see their previous projects. 
  • Verify references, licenses, and credentials and review contracts and agreements. 
  • Repeat this process with at least three contractors to compare prices and offerings.

Our Conclusion

You can make simple repairs yourself, such as fixing stucco cracks, for a few hundred dollars. We recommend hiring a professional for more extensive issues, such as water damage, which can cost thousands. Though this is expensive, it will help preserve your home and prevent more extensive damage.

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FAQ About Stucco Repair

Is it better to repair or replace stucco?

Whether it’s better to repair or replace stucco depends on the extent of the damage. You can easily repair hairline cracks and small holes, but numerous cracks can indicate underlying water damage or other issues requiring replacement. 

What is the difference between stucco remediation and repair?

Stucco remediation involves repairing underlying damage before fixing the surface. Simple cracks don’t always require remediation, but underlying problems often need fixing before surface repairs.

What is the best caulk brand for stucco repair?

Popular and top-rated caulk brands for stucco repair include Sashco, Sakrete, and Dap. 

What are signs that I need to repair my home’s stucco?

Surface cracks, buckling, and discoloration are all signs that your stucco needs repair. 

What causes stucco to crack?

Improper installation techniques, moisture infiltration, and house settling can cause stucco to crack.

How do you fix holes in stucco siding?

You can fix holes in stucco siding by cleaning the hole with a small wire brush, clearing debris with compressed air, and sealing the hole with caulk. Then, wait for the caulking to dry and apply patching material to ensure the textures and colors match the rest of the siding.

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